CAUTION Carefully read the license agreement before using the software. Pressing the button you confirm with terms of
the license agreement when installing software, or entering the appropriate symbol(s) constitutes your unconditional
agreement to the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of this License Agreement, you must stop
the installation of software. LICENSE AGREEMENT (AGREEMENT) USER This License Agreement (agreement) is an offer (public
offer) and contains all the essential procedures and conditions for your use (hereinafter - the "User") of a computer
program BLOOD PRESSURE BROWSER (hereinafter "Program"). In accordance with this Agreement, Author - a natural person, a
citizen of Russia Mikhail Chernov (hereinafter "Copyright Holder") - holds exclusive ownership of copyright in a
computer program BLOOD PRESSURE BROWSER, including a system of assistance to it in electronic form - is obliged to
provide the user (either directly or through third parties), non-exclusive right to use the program, a limited right to
install and run the program in accordance with the present Agreement (contract) terms and conditions (simple
non-exclusive license). The order of acceptance of offer (license agreement) This offer (the license agreement /
contract) is considered to be accepted by users in case of compliance with one of the following two conditions: 1)
Select the User item "I accept the agreement" when you install the program and press the "Next" means the unconditional
acceptance of the User with the terms of this agreement. 2) The fact that ordering, payment or receipt of the User from
the copyright owner or authorized third parties non-exclusive rights to use the Software pursuant to (the conditions) of
this agreement (Agreement) means unconditional acceptance of the User with the terms of this agreement. To transfer and
the cost of the rights and rules for the use of the Programme In accordance with this License Agreement User must within
30 (thirty) calendar days after acceptance of an offer to receive from the owner (directly or from authorized third
parties), non-exclusive right to use the program and register the program or stop using it. Registration Program
provides the user the right to use the program after a 30-day trial period and receive technical support. Upon
registration and payment of fixed remuneration, which is determined by the terms of agreement between the user and the
party carries out the transfer of rights to give you an activation code program. In case of cancellation the user from
obtaining the rights (the rights of non-receipt of the specified period of time) this License Agreement is not entered
into force. This license prohibits any use of the Program, which violates international or local laws. Any such action
will be the sole responsibility of the person committing the action. The user has the right to use the program in all
countries of the world in accordance with the terms of this License Agreement (agreement) with the following rules: 1.
It is prohibited to decompile and / or modify the Program. 2. Do not take the program to lease, rental or temporary use.
3. Do not divide the program into components for use on different computers. 4. Do not use the program to create data or
code malware. The user has the right to Use it for promotional purposes within 30 (thirty) days from the date of its
first run (installation) in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Make a copy of the Programme, provided that the
copy is intended only for archival purposes and for replacement of a lawfully acquired distribution in cases where the
original is lost, destroyed or unusable. Specified in this paragraph, a copy can not be used for other purposes and must
be destroyed if the use of user programs will cease to be lawful. Disclaimer User agrees that the program contains
errors, so strongly recommend regular backups of their files. A user carries the risk that the program of his desires
and needs, as well as the risk that conditions and the volume of the rights granted to their wishes and needs. Holder
and / or its partners be liable for any loss or damage, regardless of their cause (including but not limited to,
special, incidental or consequential damages, damages related to lost profit, interruption of commercial or industrial
activity , loss of business information, negligence, or any other loss) arising from the use or inability to use the
program. Final Provisions For infringement of copyright on the Program, the offender is a civil, administrative or
criminal responsibility in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. Contact The developer program - Mikhail