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Product description: Cornerstone MFT


Securing file transfers is important, but managed file transfer also considers the huge volume of unmanaged FTP transfers and email attachments that employees and partners exchange every day. Unmanaged file transfers present both a major hole in security and the loss of a great source of business intelligence.

Cornerstone is a managed file transfer solution that enables your organization to securely manage file transfers and gain unprecedented visibility into your data flows. By tracking system activity beyond just file history, Cornerstone enables you to detect trends so that you can anticipate rather than react.

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Vendor: South River Technologies, Inc. | products: 5
Categories Servers | Network tools | E-mail | Internet, LAN
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Cornerstone MFT Platform

Base product.

QuickSend Ad-hoc File Transfer Module

Send large files easily and reduce the load on your email server.

Sending attachments can be problematic: file size limitations, spam filters and corrupted files complicate the process. Cornerstone's QuickSend Ad-hoc File Transfer module adds the ability to easily send attachments without the file size limitations and other common complications. Your users can quickly send large files without adding overhead to your email server.

StatsTrack Reporting Module

Increase visibility into data flows and trends

Cornerstone MFT StatsTrack Reporting and Auditing module adds reporting and auditing capabilities to your MFT solution. With easy-to-create reports, StatsTrack lets you see file activity as well as system and user activity. Activities that are outside of the norm can easily be flagged for further investigation. Trends can be evaluated and proactive decisions can be made.

FIPS 140-2 Compliance Module

Ensure security compliance with FIPS 140-2 certification.

FIPS 140-2 is a United States Government Standard for accrediting the encryption used in software applications. Adding the FIPS 140-2 Compliance Module provides the FIPS certification required for Government installations.

Real-time PGP Encryption Module

Secure data at rest - without leaving gaps in security.

Ensure that your data is secure with Cornerstone's Real-time PGP Encryption Module. Cornerstone's PGP module encrypts data on-the-fly so that unencrypted data never reaches the disk. This is the only way to ensure your data will remain secure at all times.

MailArmour Module

Eliminate the inherent security problems with email and attachments.

When users send email attachments, they create a serious vulnerability for your data. Email messages and attachments are not secured in any way, so they are vulnerable to hacking. And an even greater security risk is simple human error – inadvertently sending a file to the wrong recipient. MailArmour secures both the body of the email and the email attachments. Users are verified before they can read the content, assuring that information sent by email doesn’t land in the wrong hands.

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