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FinalBuilder 7

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Product description: FinalBuilder 7

FinalBuilder - build automation made easy

Software projects are inherently complex, and creating a software build process can be fraught with errors and oversights. FinalBuilder is a powerful Automated Build & Release Management tool that simplifies software build automation.

By packaging an extensive library of pre-written scripts into a graphical IDE, FinalBuilder equips you to easily define and maintain a reliable build process. You don't have to concoct batch files, script or XML to free yourself of manual builds. Focus on developing great software and use FinalBuilder to automate your build process.

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Vendor: VSoft Technologies | products: 2
Categories Development tools | Libraries, components | Developer tools and editors
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Standard Edition
Professional Edition

Professional edition licenses include access to FinalBuilder Server with 1 User license.

FinalBuilder Server Licenses

FinalBuilder Professional includes a free continuous integration server. This build server centralises build management through a web interface giving you remote control over your build projects.

Once you've configured a project in the server, you can run a build from the web interface, or it can be run automatically with a time, process or continuous integration trigger.

The central status page provides a quick overview of the health of all your most recent builds, while the build logs, build history and metrics are also available. When a build fails or succeeds, FinalBuilder's build server will broadcast the result through email, RSS and tray application notifications.

Access to the build server's web interface is securely managed through a Team Management System. Role based permissions are the backbone of this system, allowing administrators to assign each user a set of permissions for interacting with build projects.

Features Rich Web Interface

FinalBuilder's web interface has been carefully crafted to combine functionality with usability. Enjoy an accelerated web experience with AJAX status pages, logs, properties pages and flash based build metrics.

Web Accessible Build Logs

Comprehensive record keeping is built into FinalBuilder and so is a straightforward method to access this information remotely. Get remote access to the finer details of your build using the dynamic or static logs.

Build Metrics

More than just the numbers, FinalBuilder Server's build metrics provide an insight into the quality of your builds over the life of the software project. These interactive charts expose trends in compiler errors, unit test results and help compiler errors.

Team Management

FinalBuilder Server integrates seamlessly with your existing Active Directory accounts to make team management a breeze. The built-in team system also provides customizable security roles and permissions for interaction with projects, triggers, server configuration and more.

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