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activePDF WebGrabber

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Product description: activePDF WebGrabber

activePDF WebGrabber allows you to dynamically convert HTML to PDF - any URL, HTML stream, or HTML file to PDF on the fly - while maintaining embedded styles. With activePDF WebGrabber, you can:
  • Dynamically convert HTML to PDF to generate reports from HTML data.
  • Transfer HTML form input into tamperproof PDF forms.
  • Generate "Intelligent PDFs" from your HTML, converting interactive elements, such as hyperlinks and form fields, into PDF equivalents.
  • HTML to PDF converter for the generation of PDF certificates, invoices, statements, and other documents on the fly from your website.
  • Control PDF page size, orientation and page breaks, while adding dynamic headers, footers and page numbering in HTML to PDF conversion process..
  • Linearize multi-page PDF documents for faster display over the web.
  • Secure PDFs containing HTML data using PDF encryption.

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